Valued Outcomes: The ISP and Habilitation Plans (P1012H)

Hours: 4

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Valued Outcomes are for all individuals and are developed through the person centered planning approach. They are a required section of every individualís ISP and must be incorporated into habilitation plans. This program will provide Medicaid Service Coordinators and Habilitation providers with an understanding of valued outcomes and their importance in an individualís ISP and coordinated services.
Participants will be provided with written materials and handouts. Group discussion and activities will include an opportunity for questions, writing actual outcomes for individuals and applying outcomes to habilitation plans. Staff that are responsible for writing residential habilitation and day habilitation plans are strongly encouraged to attend.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the collaborative planning process and the development of valued outcomes.
  • Gain experience in writing valued outcomes in the ISP.
  • Identify and discuss issues regarding outcomes that seem unrealistic or difficult to attain.
  • Identify and discuss issues of need-driven outcomes vs. outcomes that are derived from the personís interests, talents and choices.
  • Learn how to incorporate valued outcomes into habilitation plans

Course Materials

Please view and print handouts found at: MSC Course Specific Participant Manuals

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